50 Shades of Awkward: In a world where you can find anyone on social media, this is a story about how I found ~ MYSELF (bog, paperback / softback, engelsk)

Af: Denise Suttee-Daniels

  • Forlag: Austin Macauley Publishers
  • Format: Paperback / softback
  • Type: Bog
  • Sprog: Engelsk
  • ISBN-13: 9781528987981
  • Udgivelsesdato: 28-05-2021
  • Første udgivelsesår: 2021
  • Originalsprog: United Kingdom
  • Sideantal: 178
  • Indbinding: Paperback / softback
  • Forlag: Austin Macauley Publishers
  • Sideoplysninger: 178 pages
  • Mål: 156 x 233 x 20

Levering: 6 - 8 hverdage

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In a world where you can find anyone on social media this is a story about how I found MYSELF. There comes a time when you look at yourself in a dirty bathroom mirror and think, this cannot be all there is. I am speaking directly to the heart of every woman who, at this very moment, feels invisible, unloved, unworthy, trapped, tired, ugly, awkward, aimless, chubby and old. This book is for you. Eight years ago, I was married for the third time to a guy I met on the Internet and barely knew. This is a raw look at life through the eyes of a middle-aged woman as she comes to grips with parenting, dating, divorce, dieting, financial

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