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Arizona & the Grand Canyon (Rejseguide, Hæftet)

Af: Tim Hull

Forlag: Avalon Travel Publishing
Format: Hæftet
Sprog: Engelsk
Serietitel: Moon Handbooks
Sideantal: 472
Dato for udgivelse: 12-7-2018
Udgivelse: 14. udgave, 2018.
ISBN-13: 9781631218835
Produkt type: Rejseguide
Illustrationsangivelser: ill. i farver
År for denne udgave: 2018
Originalsprog: Sproget kan ikke bestemmes
Område: Nordamerika
Land: USA
Udgave: 14

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Strategic itineraries that can be adapted for your time and budget, including: "A Week in the Forest," "Top Five Hikes," "The Ruins of Lost Cultures," "Back to the Old West," and "Best Scenic Drives". Full color photos and detailed maps throughout. Tips for planning a Grand Canyon adventure, focusing on the North Rim, South Rim, and beyond, plus full coverage of gateways to the park. The best Arizona road trips, including a state-wide itinerary, Historic Route 66, and other scenic byways. Local perspective from Arizona expert and resident Tim Hull. Honest advice on when to go, where to stay, and how to get around. Activities and ideas for travelers of all stripes: Embark on a multi-day expedition into the depths of the Grand Canyon, discover hidden streams on a hike through high-desert forests, or find the best spots to hit the slopes in winter. Learn about Arizona's history by visiting remnants of ancient native cultures, or exploring vestiges of the Old West's conquistadors, cowboys, and outlaws. Browse galleries of spectacular Pueblo art, hit an eclectic fusion restaurant, and get a taste of the local nightlife. Focused coverage of Phoenix, Scottsdale, and the Valley of the Sun, Tucson and Southern Arizona, Flagstaff and North-Central Arizona, Navajo and Hopi Country, the White Mountains and the Gila Valley, the Grand Canyon and the Arizona Strip, and the Lower Colorado River. Detailed, thorough information including background on the landscape, climate, wildlife, and culture. With Moon Arizona & the Grand Canyon's practical tips, myriad activities, and local expertise, you can plan your trip your way.

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Arizona & the Grand Canyon

Arizona & the Grand Canyon

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