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Cases on Management, Leadership and Organisations (Bog, Hæftet)

Forlag: Samfundslitteratur
Format: Hæftet
Sprog: Engelsk
Sideantal: 212
Dato for udgivelse: 18-9-2012
Udgivelse: 1. udgave, 2012.
Oversætter: Liz Patti
Medforfattere: Knud Sinding, Anne Bøllingtoft
ISBN-13: 9788759316986
Produkt type: Bog
Ophavsangivelse: Knud Sinding, Anne Bøllingtoft
Originaltitel: Cases om organisation og ledelse
År for denne udgave: 2012
Første udgivelsesår: 2012
Originalsprog: Dansk
Udgave: 1
Oplag: 1

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The realities of organisational life seem a far departure from what is taught in the classroom, particularly if one has never before worked for an organisation. The examples presented in this book bring to life the challenges of managing and leading organisations and are relevant for students who must learn to analyse, discuss and assess what takes place within organisations, what ought to happen and why certain strategies fail. The book contains 24 case studies from a range of organisations, some anonymous and others known. Among other things the case studies include profiles of leaders or managers, the organisational structure, decision-making and information flow in each organisation. The businesses covered range widely, from anonymous government offices to the arcane peculiarities of university departments and to vast shipping conglomerates.

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Cases on Management, Leadership and Organisations

Cases on Management, Leadership and Organisations