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Raw vegan recipes: healthy 80/10/10 (Bog, Hardback)

Af: Louise Koch

Forlag: Mill House publishers
Format: Hardback
Sprog: Engelsk
Sideantal: 109
Dato for udgivelse: 1-6-2017
Udgivelse: 2017.
Oversætter: Louise Koch
Illustrator: Louise Koch
ISBN-13: 9788792632678
Produkt type: Bog
Diverse ophavsangivelser: Omslagsillustrator: Louise Koch
Illustrationsangivelser: ill.
Originaltitel: Naturlijk Rask 80 10 10
År for denne udgave: 2017
Originalsprog: Sproget kan ikke bestemmes
Oplag: 1

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Leading Danish nutrician coach, Author Louise Koch is a 'raw vegan foods' coach, successful author, speaker and youtuber. Formerly a television producer with a high-stress job, she cured herself from a long list of stress-related diseases by eating only fresh raw foods. She changed her lifestyle and returned to college to study nutrician and this book contains some of her favourite recipes.
Recipes for nutrician and fun, based on the High Carb Low Fat Raw Food
diet, 80/10/10 - min 80% carb, max 10% protein, max 10% fat - prepared
by Danish nutrician coach, Louise Koch.
Would you like to be truly healthy? Now you have the chance. This recipe
book will provide you with amazing raw food recipes made from raw
fruits and vegetables that are easy, simple to make and super nutritious.
Your body will simply love it.

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Raw vegan recipes: healthy 80/10/10

Raw vegan recipes: healthy 80/10/10