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Imperial Rome: catalogue (Volume 3) (Bog, Hæftet)

Forlag: Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek
Format: Hæftet
Sprog: Engelsk
Sideantal: 432
Udgivelse: 2005.
Nr. i serien: Bind: Volume 3,
Oversætter: Neil Martin Stanford
Redaktion: Anne Marie Nielsen
Medforfattere: Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek - Mette Moltesen
ISBN-13: 9788774522775
Produkt type: Bog
Bidragyder: with contributions by Jane Fejfer m.fl.
Fotograf: Ole Haupt
Illustrationsangivelser: ill. (nogle i farver)
Ophavsangivelse: Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek - Mette Moltesen
Originaltitel: Romersk kejsertid
År for denne udgave: 2005
Første udgivelsesår: 2005
Originalsprog: Dansk

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The third and final catalogue of the Roman collection in the Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek mainly consists of statues, torsos and heads in marble. Many of them have not been exhibited in recent years because of lack of space. This does not mean they are of inferior quality, merely that another, similar example has been chosen for exhibition.
Many of the sculptures were found in Roman villas of the Imperial period and were part of the rich adornment of peristyles and gardens. This is true true of fountains figures, herms and double herms as well as statues of divinities and mythical beings. The bucolic idyl could be emphaised by representations of children and animals. The more exotic representations of vanquished enemies and personifications of Roman provinces probably came from more official buildings.

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Imperial Rome: catalogue (Volume 3)

Imperial Rome: catalogue (Volume 3)