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Let s Talk Tantra (Bog, Paperback)

Forlag: Human Publishing
Format: Paperback
Sprog: Engelsk
Serietitel: Let s Talk
Sideantal: 144
Dato for udgivelse: 25-8-2017
Udgivelse: 1. udgave, 2017.
Medforfattere: Lotte Søs Farran-Lee, Ulrik Adinatha Lyshøj
ISBN-13: 9788799843046
Produkt type: Bog
År for denne udgave: 2017
Originalsprog: Engelsk
Udgave: 1
Oplag: 1

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Ulrik Adinatha Lyshøj, tantra teacher, tantric practitioner and leader of the Tantra Temple, talks to Lotte Søs Farran-Lee, writer and publisher, in this first book in the series “Let´s Talk”.  
The book offers an open conversation about tantra, and plenty of resources and inspiration for the daily life for both Tantrics and people who do not see themselves as Tantrics.  The conversation covers the different core aspects of tantra, and how to reignite love, playfulness, attraction and communication with a partner - but also how to keep the flame alive. It describes the four cornerstones in tantra, as well as the chakra system, and how to work consciously with one´s own energy. It also describes why love is both the foundation, the path and a magic tool of transformation in tantra.  
The book offers an insight into some of the more mystical aspects of tantra - and makes these aspects available for modern day people, in a immediately applicable way.  
Ulrik Adinatha and Lotte also talks about tantra massage and why it has become such a major life changer for so many people. The book will debunk some of the myths and misunderstandings, describing tantra as a genuine path to deeper self knowledge, more love and joy in life, and deep transformation.   
The book offers inspiration for both newbies in tantra as well as more experienced practitioners.  
About Let’s Talk serien The Let’s Talk book is a book series of vital books on di erent subjects. Every subject is carefully selected with the intent of bringing it towards a comprehensive level, enfolding the reader into the world of the subject matter. Every book has a tight structure and the people who have been chosen to talk about their eld of expertise are highly competent. The vision is to create a space for new ideas to develop and to spark new thoughts in the reader, making a positive di erence in the realization of their human potential. 

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Let s Talk Tantra

Let s Talk Tantra