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Liberty (Bog, Hæftet)

Af: Jakob Ejersbo

Forlag: MacLehose Press
Format: Hæftet
Sprog: Engelsk
Serietitel: Africa Trilogy
Sideantal: 640
Dato for udgivelse: 2-10-2014
Udgivelse: 2014.
ISBN-13: 9780857051288
Produkt type: Bog
År for denne udgave: 2014
Originalsprog: Sproget kan ikke bestemmes

2 - 5 hverdage

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181,85 kr
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181,85 kr


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3. bind i Afrika-trilogien.
Two young men from very different backgrounds. Christian is the son of Danish ex-pats; Marcus works as a house boy for a Swedish family, hoping they will eventually take him back to Europe with them. Their friendship defines a divided continent. When they decide to go into business together - a teenage dream of playing at discos - they unwittingly set a collision course. But will it be love or money that tears the two apart?
Spanning a decade from the dawn of the 1980s, the story of Marcus and Christian´s dissolving friendship plays out amid a vast cast of characters, all fighting to make their way in a country defined by corruption. As the Tanzanian authorities and European aid agencies compete to line their own pockets, the rise of ´the disease´ threatens to lay waste to an already stricken continent.

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