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Little Bear's Journey

Af: Allan Holm

Forlag: SAXO Publish
Format: Paperback
Sprog: Dansk
Dato for udgivelse: 16-8-2018
Udgivelse: 1. udgave, 2018.
ISBN-13: 9788740967036
År for denne udgave: 2018
Originalsprog: Dansk
Udgave: 1
Oplag: 1

Forlaget skriver: Print On Demand - forvent længere leveringstid

104,05 kr

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I had the idea of writing a book and suggested it to my younger daughter, Rebecca. “It’s a good idea,” my daughter said, “but the children's book must be about a penguin and a polar bear.”
“Okay,” I said, adding at the same time that the animals come from one another's poles. I put on my thinking hat, and the book Little Bear’s Journey was born.
The storyline: After Little Bear's mother dies, Grandpa Bear and Little Bear sail to the South Pole to find a place where there is a better life for them. There they meet Lucas, an emperor penguin, and together they go on an adventure where they catch fish with dolphins, meet killer whales, and sit on the back of a humpback whale.
Suitable for children aged 6-10 years.

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Little Bear's Journey

Little Bear's Journey