Nedsat pris! Nackt vor deiner Tür: meine liebeserklärung an die Stadt Berlin
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Nackt vor deiner Tür: meine liebeserklärung an die Stadt Berlin (Bog, Paperback, Engelsk)

Af: Steen Boetker

Forlag: SAXO Publish
Format: Paperback
Type: Bog
Sprog: Engelsk
ISBN-13: 9788740442298
Udgave: 3. (22-11-2019)
Oplagsdato: 22-11-2019
Indbinding: Paperback
Sideantal: 132
Formater / udgaver

Status : Print on Demand - Forvent op til 20 dages leveringstid.

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Many books have been made about Berlin, many. “Nackt vor deiner Tür” is my contribution to this. However, it is neither a travel book nor a tourist guide, but an insight into my Berlin - an inspirational book. It shows the sides that I both love and despise in the city. The nice / established side, and the autonomous / rebellious side. The new and the old worn out.

Berlin is both appealing and repulsive. But it is probably the big city I love the most. Here I can photograph the city as I experience it - nothing is more interesting than reality. With “Nackt vor deiner Tür” - Nude in front of your door - I try to expose my feelings towards the city.

The best way to experience the city is on foot. Going through the various neighborhoods that all have their distinctive features. Here are so many motives. An abandoned railway line or an abandoned train station awakens my curiosity. Street art is found throughout the city, Berlin is not Berlin without graffiti. Fine restaurants are located side by side with Imbisse with Döner Kebab and Currywurst. For me Berlin is the most photogenic city.

And what other city has as much history as Berlin?

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