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Otosclerosis and Stapedectomy: Diagnosis, Management & Complications (Bog, Indbundet)

Af: Christopher De Souza

Forlag: Thieme Medical Publishers
Format: Indbundet
Sprog: Engelsk
Sideantal: 212
Dato for udgivelse: 24-11-2003
Udgivelse: 2003.
ISBN-13: 9781588901699
Produkt type: Bog
Illustrationsangivelser: ill.
År for denne udgave: 2003
Originalsprog: Sproget kan ikke bestemmes

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Co-authored by leading specialists, this focused and timely book provides a practical discussion of otosclerosis diagnosis, treatment, and management. Whether you are an experienced otologist or a beginner, Otosclerosis and Stapedectomy offers the information you need to tackle common problems and manage them toward a successful outcome for your patients. In its comprehensive coverage, the text utilizes an evidence-based approach, integrating clinical expertise with the best available research on otosclerosis. The book presents a step-by-step account of stapedectomy surgery, with detailed discussions of indications and contraindications accompanied by lucid illustrations. It also covers the current applications of erbium lasers; medical management of otosclerosis using CT scanning and audiometry as parameters; complication avoidance and troubleshooting; and much more! Highlights: - Takes beginners through the fundamental steps necessary to fully understand otosclerosis and stapedectomy- - Explores the latest advances in medical management, hearing aid challenges, and cochlear otosclerosis - Examines the important controversy concerning stapedectomy versus stapedotomy - Features special chapters on revision and laser stapedectomy - Includes practical quiz at the end of the book to help reinforce all the text's salient features For a current, comprehensive, and practical approach to new techniques in surgical and medical management of otosclerosis, turn to this key reference. All otolaryngologists, otolgy fellows and ENT surgeons will find it invaluable.

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Otosclerosis and Stapedectomy: Diagnosis, Management & Complications

Otosclerosis and Stapedectomy: Diagnosis, Management & Complications