Nedsat pris! Pieces of Her

Pieces of Her (Bog, Paperback, Engelsk)

Af: Karin Slaughter

Forlag: HarperCollins Publishers
Format: Paperback
Sprog: Engelsk
Sideantal: 480
Dato for udgivelse: 9-8-2018
Udgivelse: 2018.
ISBN-13: 9780008150839
Produkt type: Bog
År for denne udgave: 2018
Originalsprog: Sproget kan ikke bestemmes

Levering: 5 - 10 hverdage

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The thrilling new book from the no. 1 internationally bestselling author Karin Slaughter! - You've known her your whole life. But she's hiding something... Andrea Oliver knows everything about her mother Laura. She knows she's always lived in the small town of Belle Isle; she knows she's a pillar of the community; she knows she's never kept a secret in her life. Then one day, a trip to the mall explodes into a shocking act of violence and Andy suddenly sees a completely different side to Laura. But the danger has only just begun. Now, Andy must go on a desperate race to uncover the secrets of her mother's past. Unless she can, there may be no future for either of them...

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Pieces of Her

Pieces of Her