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Sex - an apology for love (Multimedia, CD-ROM)

Af: Tom Carter-Smith

Forlag: NORDISC Music & Text
Format: CD-ROM
Sprog: Engelsk
Serietitel: Digital books
Sideantal: 150
Dato for udgivelse: 4. kvartal 2002
Udgivelse: 2002.
Illustrator: Bert Hoeffner
ISBN-13: 9788788619096
Produkt type: Multimedia
Illustrationsangivelser: farve
Ophavsangivelse: Tom Crater-Smith
År for denne udgave: 2002
Første udgivelsesår: 2002
Originalsprog: Engelsk

5 - 10 hverdage

131,40 kr

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A handbook of love in the broadest sense of the word, dealing with love on many levels, from friendship to marriage and the different worlds of men and women. Aimed mostly at teenagers, it covers the full spectrum of love, including heterosexuality, gays and lesbians and other human variants, complete with open but always sober descriptions of the technical sides of lovemaking.
The book is a poetic journey into human sexuality without the self-inflicted limitations of the average "clinical" books on the subject. Lesbians are por-trayed as thoroughly and detailed as heterosexual women. There are no higher or lower levels of sexuality in this book, and the minority groups are not looked down at.
This book has all the emotional and technical details, teenagers cannot find anywhere else in a pocketsize practical guide.

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Sex - an apology for love

Sex - an apology for love