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Shopaholic to the Rescue (Bog, Paperback)

Af: Sophie Kinsella

Forlag: Bantam Press
Format: Paperback
Sprog: Engelsk
Sideantal: 320
Dato for udgivelse: 22-10-2015
Udgivelse: 2015.
ISBN-13: 9780593074633
Produkt type: Bog
År for denne udgave: 2015
Originalsprog: Sproget kan ikke bestemmes

Forlaget skriver: Ikke på lager lige nu. Leveringstid 1-2 uger.

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320 pages, trade paperback. To Las Vegas...and beyond! Becky Brandon (nee Bloomwood) is on a major rescue mission! Hollywood was full of surprises, and now she's on a road trip to Las Vegas to help her friends and family. She's determined to get to the bottom of why her dad has mysteriously disappeared, help her best friend Suze and even bond with long-time enemy Alicia Bitch Long-legs (maybe...). As Becky discovers just how much her friends and family need help, she comes up with her biggest, boldest, most brilliant plan yet! So can she save the day just when they need her most? Becky is setting out to make things right in this laugh-out-loud, feel-good conclusion to her American adventure that began with Shopaholic To The Stars.

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Shopaholic to the Rescue

Shopaholic to the Rescue