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Spinal Injection Techniques (Bog, Hardback, Engelsk)

Af: Juergen Kraemer

Forlag: Thieme Medical Publishers
Format: Hardback
Sprog: Engelsk
Sideantal: 360
Dato for udgivelse: 1-4-2019
Udgivelse: 2019.
ISBN-13: 9783132414471
Produkt type: Bog
Illustrationsangivelser: ill.
År for denne udgave: 2019
Originalsprog: Sproget kan ikke bestemmes

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Written by a multidisciplinary team of experts, Spinal Injection Techniques presents the most effective methods for injecting pharmaceuticals to address acute and chronic pain originating from the cervical spine to the sacrum. This new, second edition has been extensively revised and updated with replacement of many images and addition of an extended chapter with tips and tricks on diagnostic and clinical examination. The authors' emphasis is on techniques that represent viable alternatives to spine surgery and do not rely on diagnostic imaging.
The first section of the book provides a general overview of the basic principles, diagnostics, and causal as well as symptomatic pain therapy for the spine. The second section, created in an atlas format, includes chapters on spinal anatomy and pain signaling, techniques for injection therapy of the cervical, thoracic, and lumbar spine, management of potential complications and side effects, and multimodal spine therapy. Illustrated using real-life photographs from the authors' practice, each technique-related chapter guides the reader step-by-step and with great confidence through the injection procedures.

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Spinal Injection Techniques

Spinal Injection Techniques