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The digital pasta book - Italian pasta (Vol. 1) (Multimedia, CD-ROM)

Af: H. W. Gade

Forlag: NORDISC Music & Text
Format: CD-ROM
Sprog: Engelsk
Serietitel: The Digital Pasta Book
Sideantal: 150
Dato for udgivelse: 3. kvartal 2003
Udgivelse: 2003.
Nr. i serien: Bind: Vol. 1,
Illustrator: Henrik W. Gade
ISBN-13: 9788788619478
Produkt type: Multimedia
Fotograf: Henrik W. Gade
Illustrationsangivelser: farve
År for denne udgave: 2003
Første udgivelsesår: 2003
Originalsprog: Engelsk

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131,40 kr

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Everybody loves pasta...
During the last 20 years, Italian pasta has become one of the important basic foods besides potatoes and rice in many countries. Pasta is cheap, nourishing and easy to prepare. And it is full of energy and in all aspects, healthy.
But in the busy life of a modern family, one might be tempted to buy readymade pasta sauce while racing through the supermarket. Don't you know, that you can cook a wonderful, inexpensive pasta meal in less than 15min? Why not spend some quality time with your kids when you come home, teach them how to cook and serve a tasty and healthy dish?
The Digital Pasta Book contains 103 recipes, including 65 vegetarian dishes. They span hundreds of years of Italian pasta history. Some are famous classics like Pasta Bolognese others are exciting and different alternatives using the local vegetables in Southern Italy or the whole-wheat pasta in the Northern regions.
All the recipes can be printed out and used as a shopping list and later as a recipe when standing in the kitchen. The book contain chapters on pasta types, homemade pasta, how to cook pasta, how to prepare the vegetables and small introductions to the Italian regions and the history of Pasta.

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The digital pasta book - Italian pasta (Vol. 1)

The digital pasta book - Italian pasta (Vol. 1)