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Too close to be friends (Multimedia, CD-ROM)

Af: H. W. Gade

Forlag: NORDISC Music & Text
Format: CD-ROM
Sprog: Engelsk
Serietitel: Digital books
Sideantal: 125
Dato for udgivelse: 4. kvartal 2001
Udgivelse: 2001.
ISBN-13: 9788788619430
Produkt type: Multimedia
Diverse ophavsangivelser: music H.W. Gade
Illustrationsangivelser: lyd, farve
År for denne udgave: 2001
Første udgivelsesår: 2001
Originalsprog: Sproget kan ikke bestemmes

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131,40 kr

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Hot July 2001, Helsinki, Finland. A grey-bearded guy is walking restlessly down a quiet street in the green suburbs of the Finnish capital. He is dictating to himself, mumbling words and phrases, even singing small one-liners like "I trust you baby" or "Pit bull City". He reaches the path to the beach area. A couple of young mothers drive their babies to the sea and a tattooed man walks his huge, black dog. The grey-bearded guy turns his back to the beach area and proceeds towards the local library. He is still singing softly and very concentrated as the dark blue car stops beside him and a clear voice calls "Daddy!" The man smiles and waves his hand to the little boy and the woman in the car.
One month later, 1st of August 2001, 5 o'clock in the morning, a house in Copenhagen, Denmark. A man is sitting at a table, music sketches and texts, a cup of cold coffee. The solitary voice sings in the misty light of the early morning, now penetrated by the first rays of the white glowing sun. He plays the old acoustic guitar like an electric rock guitar: bends and strikes the chords, adding the occasional fill in blues style, now and then writing down the notes or lyrics in a frenetic tempo. The sun finally penetrates the closed curtains and bathes the table in fire. The old man puts down his guitar, dates and signs the notes and lyrics.
The new Song Collection "Too Close to be Friends" has been born, 1st of August 2001.

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Too close to be friends

Too close to be friends