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Toronto (Bog)

Forlag: Penguin Group
Sprog: Sproget kan ikke bestemmes
Serietitel: Time Out
Sideantal: 280
Udgivelse: 2007.
ISBN-13: 9781846700156
Produkt type: Bog
År for denne udgave: 2007
Originalsprog: Sproget kan ikke bestemmes
Målstok: 1:60.000

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Ever-expanding, busy and buzzy, Toronto is Canada''s most dynamic and multicultural city. The Time Out Toronto Guide, written by a team of local experts, is the indispensable reference not only to the landmark sights but also to the city''s inner life: a thriving cultural scene and some world-class eating, drinking and partying.
The Toronto Guide includes:
* over 150 restaurants, café and bar reviews, including dim sum, diners, bubble tea and the best contemporary cooking
* ''Hollywood North'': on location and at the Toronto International Film Festival
* Toronto year-round: an events calendar plus winter and summer activities from city-side ice-skating to lakeside sunbathing
* comprehensive streetplans and transport maps, along with guided walks around the city''s distinctive neighbourhoods
* excursions to Niagara Falls and north to Algonquin Provincial Park
...All with details of opening times, prices and transport.

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