Nedsat pris! Travel Goals: Inspiring experiences to transform your life
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Travel Goals: Inspiring experiences to transform your life (Bog, Engelsk)

Forlag: Lonely Planet
Type: Bog
Sprog: Engelsk
ISBN-13: 9781788686204
Udgivelsesdato: 09-08-2019
Oplagsdato: 09-08-2019
Første udgivelsesår: 2019
Serie: Lonely Planet
Sideantal: 304

Levering : 2 - 5 hverdage

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A book to inspire and empower, filled with a mix of once-in-a-lifetime travel experiences, personal challenges, wellness activies, foodie adventures, and social and charitable ideas. Through the book, experiences grow from simble goals like sleeping under the stars and going on a city break alone, to bigger, more rewarding ambitions, such as diving the Blue Hole in Belize and spending a week on a silent retreat. Other goals include witnessing extraordinary natural phenomena, helping communities near and far, and cycling from coast to coast.- The Ultimate book for a life well travelled and well lived- Each goal comes with practical advice on how and where to do it- Experts inform how the goals encourage personal growth

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