Atlas Obscura: An Explorer's Guide to the World's Hidden Wonders (Bog, Indbundet, Dansk)

Forfattere: Joshua Foer, Ella Morton, Dylan Thuras

Nedsat pris! Atlas Obscura: An Explorer's Guide to the World's Hidden Wonders
Forlag: Workman Publishing
Format: Indbundet
Type: Bog
Sprog: Dansk
ISBN-13: 9781523506484
Udgave: 2. (15-10-2019)
Oplagsdato: 15-10-2019
Originalsprog: Dansk
Sideantal: 482
Indbinding: Indbundet

Levering : 5 - 10 hverdage

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2nd edition 2019. Praised as the "bestest travel guide ever" (Mary Roach) and "a joy to read and reread" (Neil Gaiman), Atlas Obscura is a phenomenon of travel books: "Odds are you won't get past three pages without being amazed" (San Francisco Chronicle). It rocketed to the top of bestseller lists and has over 626,000 copies in print since its publication in late 2016. Now the best gets better and the weirdest gets weirder with this completely revised and updated second edition that includes 120 new entries that offer readers even more of the most unusual, curious, bizarre, and mysterious places on earth. In addition, the second edition includes a full-colour gatefold Atlas Obscura road trip map, with a dream itinerary. Created by the founders of, the vibrant travel community that's grown substantially since the original edition, Atlas Obscura expands the reader's sense of what's possible. Oversized, beautifully packaged, compellingly written, scrupulously researched, and filled with photographs, illustrations, maps, charts, and more, it is the book that inspires equal parts wonder and wanderlust. It informs us on every page of something we never knew - and paints a rich panorama of what a marvellously strange world we live in. For the travel lover and curious reader, it's a gift book that's literally impossible to put down.

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