Auditory Disorders in School Children: The Law, Identification, Remediation (Bog, Engelsk)

Af: Ross J. Roeser

Forlag: Thieme Medical Publishers
Type: Bog
Sprog: Engelsk
ISBN-13: 9781588902283
Udgivelsesdato: 12-04-2004
Oplagsdato: 12-04-2004
Første udgivelsesår: 2004
Sideantal: 469

Status : Ikke på lager lige nu. Leveringstid 1-2 uger.

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The newest edition of Auditory Disorders in School Children extensively covers the latest revolutionary techniques for identifying hearing loss in infants and children. Never before have technology and intensive habilitation combined to provide children with auditory disorders of all types with the opportunity to enter into a world of sound. Co-authored by leading specialists, this timely text provides information on diagnosis and treatment of auditory processing disorders, enhancing not only your understanding of the emerging modalities, but your own ability to implement them. Key features of the new edition: -Introduces "The Audiology Home," the newest approach for optimizing patient care of infants and children -Covers a broad range of disorders, from mild to severe, to maximize your diagnositic capabilities -Updated material on cochlear implants and the new technology used for severe deafness -Unique section on applying legal regulations to educational programs -Guidelines for the most accurate identification of auditory disorders

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