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Chateaux of the Loire (Bog, Hæftet, Engelsk)

Af: Michelin

Forlag: Michelin
Format: Hæftet
Type: Bog
Sprog: Engelsk
ISBN-13: 9782067243224
Udgave: 13. (15-08-2020)
Oplagsdato: 15-08-2020
Serie: Michelin Green Guides
Indbinding: Hæftet
Sideantal: 516

Forventes på lager: 15-08-2020

Status : Forventes at udkomme i uge 34

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The newly updated Green Guide Chateaux of the Loire features the treasures of France's picturesque Loire Valley. Discover the top attractions, most interesting villages and towns, and shopping hot spots. Sample wines from award-winning vineyards, explore quaint streets in historic Orléans and Tours, and visit magnificent manors and castles. Through its star-rating system, driving and walking tours, well-researched places to eat and stay, colorful maps and suggested activities, the guide helps you enjoy the best of the Loire Valley. Key features - Attractions reviewed and rated, using Michelin?s celebrated star-rating system. ?-Set off on one of the multiple driving tours to explore serene landscapes and discover breath-taking country mansions and castles. Michelin walking and driving tours offer an in-depth, personal experience of the region. -? Walk-throughs of major museums, galleries, churches and attractions; includes illustrations and floor plans to zoom in on the highlights of major attractions. ?- Comprehensive illustrated sections on the area's nature, art, architecture and history, written by experts in their fields. ?- Detailed visitor information given for every attraction, opening hours, entry fees, tour times, phone, website. Michelin area and city maps. ?- Includes recommendations for great places to eat/stay for all budgets. ?- Michelin Green Guides feature comprehensive, detailed and concise travel information for advance trip planning as well as spontaneous decisions during the journey.

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