Cities: Then & Now (Bog, Hæftet, Engelsk)

Af: Lonely Planet

Nedsat pris! Cities: Then & Now
Forlag: Lonely Planet
Format: Hæftet
Type: Bog
Sprog: Engelsk
ISBN-13: 9781788689304
Udgave: 1. (09-10-2020)
Oplagsdato: 09-10-2020
Serie: Lonely Planet Kids
Sideantal: 24
Indbinding: Hæftet

Levering : 5 - 10 hverdage

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Take a journey back in time to see what twelve mighty metropolises actually looked like during an important moment in their history. In this interactive and fact-filled tour, kids will discover intriguing facts about each historic city, what it looked like in the past, and how a significant event changed it forever. On each page, open the gatefolds and lift the flaps to discover how these historic civilizations have evolved into modern cities, and compare their past appearance with their current one. Experience daily life in Great Zimbabwe, witness the eruption of Mount Vesuvius, see how Las Vegas went from a desolate desert to a booming city, and lots more.

Historical cities featured: Thebes, Egypt, Africa, c. 1200 bce Babylon, Iraq, Asia, c. 550 bce Pompeii, Italy, Europe, 79 ce Constantinople/Istanbul, Turkey, Europe/Asia, 550 Aarhus, Denmark, Europe, c. 950 Great Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe, Africa, c. 1250 Tenochtitlan/Mexico City, Mexico, North America, c. 1520 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, South America, c. 1560 London, England, UK, Europe, 1666 Sydney, Australia, c. 1780 Las Vegas, USA, North America, c. 1905 Shanghai, China, Asia, c. 1950

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