Science of Synthesi: Houben-Weyl Methods of Molecular Transformations: Compounds with Transition Metal-Carbon pi-bonds and Compounds of Groups 10-8 Ni, Pd, Pt, Co, Rh, Ir, Fe, Ru, OS (Bog, Engelsk)

Af: Barry M. Trost

Forlag: Thieme Medical Publishers
Type: Bog
Sprog: Engelsk
ISBN-13: 9783131121318
Udgivelsesdato: 29-08-2001
Oplagsdato: 29-08-2001
Første udgivelsesår: 2001
Sideantal: 1112
13.408,30 kr

Status : Ikke på lager lige nu. Leveringstid 1-2 uger.

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Science of Synthesis provides a critical review of the synthetic methodology developed from the early 1800s to date for the entire field of organic and organometallic chemistry. As the only resource providing full-text descriptions of organic transformations and synthetic methods as well as experimental procedures, Science of Synthesis is therefore a unique chemical information tool. Over 1000 world-renowned experts have chosen the most important molecular transformations for a class of organic compounds and elaborated on their scope and limitations. The systematic, logical and consistent organization of the synthetic methods for each functional group enables users to quickly find out which methods are useful for a particular synthesis and which are not. Effective and practical exp erimental procedures can be implemented quickly and easily in the lab. This enables the chemist to get started immediately with the design and planning of a synthesis.

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