The Red-Haired Woman (Bog, Engelsk)

Af: Orhan Pamuk

Nedsat pris! The Red-Haired Woman
Forlag: Faber & Faber Fiction
Type: Bog
Sprog: Engelsk
ISBN-13: 9780571330317
Udgivelsesdato: 05-07-2018
Oplagsdato: 05-07-2018
Første udgivelsesår: 2018
Sideantal: 288
Formater / udgaver

Levering : 2 - 5 hverdage

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Shortlisted for the EBRD Literature Prize for best work of literary fiction translated into English. On the outskirts of a town thirty miles from Istanbul, a master well-digger and his young apprentice are hired to find water on a barren plain. As they struggle in the summer heat, excavating metre by metre, the two will develop a father/son bond that neither has known before. But in the nearby town, where they spend their evenings, the boy will find an irresistible diversion. The Red-Haired Woman, an alluring member of a travelling theatre group, catches his eye, and she seems as fascinated by him as he is by her. But in his distraction a horrible accident occurs, and he will spend his life unaware of the outcome, or who the Red-Haired Woman was, until many years later.

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