Things I Needed To Say (Bog, Paperback, Engelsk)

Forfattere: Monica Lee, Jørgen Panduro

Forlag: Books on demand
Format: Paperback
Type: Bog
Sprog: Engelsk
ISBN-13: 9788743029120
Udgave: 1. (14-12-2020)
Oplag: 1. (15-12-2020)
Første udgivelsesår: 2020
Originalsprog: Engelsk
Sideantal: 194
Indbinding: Paperback
Mål og vægt: B: 135mm, H: 215mm, D: 12mm, Vægt: 270g

Levering: 5 - 20 hverdage

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What you are about to read in this book are poetic conversations between two people in love that have never met physically. It is both a play and sincerity with words, concepts, emotions and life that unfolds a love story that we wanted to give to others to say that love isn´t impossible and it has no borders.
It is also a book where we put out our ideas that, in our opinion, are essential concepts for love to thrive while getting to know each other as a couple would in the beginning of any relationship.
You will see the authors are quite different, but on the same path. Her words are wild like paint splattered on a canvas with brush strokes everywhere and he responds in a more poetically choreographed manner to create "Poetic Conversations".
Monica and Jørgen

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