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Considerations about a European Reconstruction (e-bog, pdf)

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This essay is considering the institutions of the European Union as a coordinative construction. Different forms of coordination are investigated, and the roles of national cultures are considered.  This is pointing towards a question of coordinating the internal coordination of the member states, rather than superseding these with a centralized form of political coordination combined with unhindered operation of market forces.   The connection between coordination and innovation is brought up and related to a possibility of internalizing conflicts and problems that are affecting several member states. Innovation is also related to creating synergy, and a particular kind of synergy between cultural and natural phenomena is related to the formation of national cultural cohesion. This can seem to make a cultural form of coordination particularly important as a conditioning factor for economic and political coordination. A reconstruction of the European Union is deemed important in order to obtain a form of coordination that can make use of cultural diversity as a source of innovation.

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Considerations about a European Reconstruction

Considerations about a European Reconstruction