Effective Predator Fly Designs (Ebog, Pdf, Engelsk)

Af: Thorbjørn Svensson

Forlag: SAXO Publish
Format: pdf
Type: Ebog
Sprog: Engelsk
ISBN-13: 9788799851928
Udgivelsesdato: 16-11-2015
Filtype: pdf
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”Effective Predator Fly Designs. B.I.G. INTERNATIONALS explained – tying with craft fur & flash materials”.
This interactive book is foremost an instructional material on how to tie predator flies, but it also elaborates on some key aspects in the fishing itself.
Focus is aimed at flies for some of the larger species of fish living in freshwaters found on either hemisphere of the Equator – from the Northern Pike to the Golden Dorado in South America.
Five different B.I.G. fly series are being introduced to the tyer with a triple-strong, in-depth approach. The flies all range within a spand of the use of synthetic fly tying materials, with the addition of hackle feathers on some of the designs.
This second title in the series of Effective Fly Designs follows the logics of the former (disclosed for Effective Dry Fly Designs). Still giving the avid tyer and fly angler a massive large display work-file format on the 83 pages, pleasant and easy to work with during tying sessions - old school and late modern at the same time - it also takes the overall approach further going even deeper into the respective fly designs and their characteristics in the fish-connected argument.
Effective Predator Fly Designs gives a contemporary and detailed insight into fly tying and fly fishing practice. A first edition publication written in English.
More info at ThorFly.com

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