First Aid Forstør

First Aid (e-bog, epub)

Af: Røde Kors

Forlag: JP/Politikens Forlag
Format: epub
Sprog: Dansk
Sideantal: 112
Dato for udgivelse: 2016-03-09
Udgivelse: 1. e-bogsudgave
Udgiver: Politikens Forlag
ISBN-13: 9788740031249
Produkt type: e-bog
Filstørrelse: 5707 KB
Filversion: 2.0
Kopibeskyttelse: DigitalVandmaerkning
Bogtype: Ebog
Filtype: epub
Format: Reflowable

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The Danish Red Cross is working towards a minimum of every other adult Dane being able to give qualified first aid. The more people able to give first aid, the more peace of mind we will all have in our daily lives. This book is addressed to you, the person who is going to learn to give first aid, and it provides simple directions for providing first aid, supported by illustrations. The aim is to teach you how to handle minor as well as larger emergencies through the four basic principles of first aid: 1 Ensuring safety 2 Assessing the 3 Getting help 4 Administering first aid Once you know how to perform each of these four steps, you will be equipped to assess and handle an emergency situation and provide help and assurance for strangers as well as next of kin involved in an accident.

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First Aid

First Aid