Nora and Nia: They play, they do homework and they even help mum clean the neighbor's house! (Ebog, Epub, Engelsk)

Af: Neema Penuel

Forlag: Books on demand
Format: epub
Type: Ebog
Sprog: Engelsk
ISBN-13: 9788743036395
Udgivelsesdato: 12-08-2020
Udgiver: Books on Demand
Sideantal: 60 Sider
Filtype: epub
Filversion: 2.0
Filformat: Reflowable
Filstørrelse: 2197 KB
Kopibeskyttelse: DigitalVandmaerkning
42,20 kr

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A united nations member states committee debate in October 2019 noted the importance of fostering stable families and promotion of its role in social protection of youth and the vulnerable in many countries. The family was noted to help societies be more inclusive. The debate also noted that balancing work and family remained a challenge for many families in Europe. The Biblical perspective says God made the first family to ever exist and placed them in a good environment. His actions shows that He wills wellness for the family. Nora and Nia is therefore a creative family book. It is written to be read and hopefully be an inspiration in helping foster stability in families while supporting it in playing its vital role in social inclusion. Through integration of healthy stabilizing values like play, creativity, work and godly bible training in daily routines, I hope you and your family will enjoy reading it.

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