SE – The Law of the European Company (Ebog, Pdf, Drm, Dansk)

Af: Erik Werlauff

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From October 8th 2004, European business life will be in a completely new situation as it will be possible to form a public limited liability company which is almost similar in each individual country and that can be formed through a cross-border merger between companies in different EU countries. Moreover, the company is in a unique legal position as it can move its place of home from one country to another without having to be dissolved and re-established. In other words, it can maintain its full legal constitution. The instrument that enables these extraordinary structural features to be used by European companies is called the SE Directive - a Statute for a European company.This book describes precisely and in brief terms these new rules and in particular the new opportunities for European business life caused by them. The book contains practical instructions as to which kind of constitution is most beneficial in different situations, just as the book includes comments on tax related consequences.The author, Professor Erik Werlauff, LLD, (born in 1952), was trained at the Department of Justice and as a practising lawyer with licence to appear before the Danish Supreme Court. He undertakes research and lectures in commercial law at the Aalborg University and has published a wide range of articles and books on company law, EU law, stock exchange and capital market law, financing law, and procedural law.

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