YASSS GLAMLINE DIARY 2021 (Bog, Engelsk)

  • Forlag: TE NEUES CALENDARS 2021
  • Type: Bog
  • Sprog: Engelsk
  • VNR: 4002725972880
  • Udgivelsesdato: 01-07-2020
  • Første udgivelsesår: 2020
  • Sideantal: 240
  • Forlag: TE NEUES CALENDARS 2021
  • Sideoplysninger: 240 pages
  • Mål: 120 x 172 x 19

Status: Mangler pt.

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This new GlamLine Diary for 2021 from our Midi Flexi Diaries series will bring glamour and style to your schedule The elegant metallic embossing with the trendy holographic slogan yasss reminds you daily that you are the queen or king of your life.The well-thought out features of this compact week to view diary, measuring 12 x 17cm, will make scheduling fun The clearly laid out Diary grid is in English, German, French and Dutch and offers sufficient space for your entries, with additional pages providing ample opportunity to personal lists and notes. Contains information on international holidays and lunar phases. The Diary can be

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