A Story of Immigration: Four Hundred Years of Jews in Denmark (bog, hæftet, engelsk)

  • Forlag: Museum Tusculanum
  • Format: Hæftet
  • Type: Bog
  • Sprog: Engelsk
  • ISBN-13: 9788763546355
  • Sideantal: 177
  • Dato for udgivelse: 8-8-2018
  • Udgivelse: 2018.
  • År for denne udgave: 2018
  • Første udgivelsesår: Ukendt
  • Originalsprog: Engelsk
  • Udgave: 0
  • Oplag: 0

Levering: 5 - 10 hverdage

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The rescue of the Danish Jews in October 1943 is world-renowned. Less well Known is the story of Jewish immigration to Denmark, which began 400 years ago. The Danish state had to make space for the Other, which Jews also had to do within the Jewish minority. Why did Jews come to Denmark? How well did Jews succeed here, and what has Jewish immigration meant for Denmark? We find here a historical experience of integration, assimilation, identity and affiliation, themes which continue to be important today. Read this book and learn about Denmark and the life of Jews in Denmark through four centuries.

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