Geological map of Greenland 1:2 500 000: Atlas with segments of the map (Rejseguide, Spiralryg, Engelsk)

Geological map of Greenland 1:2 500 000: Atlas with segments of the map (Rejseguide, Spiralryg, Engelsk)

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The geological map was printed in 1995 as a wall map (sheet size 96 x 120 cm), but with a layout also allowing formats both as a folded map sheet and a map book as the present one. The map is divided in segments numbered 2-13; segment 1 is the index map shown on the inside of the cover.
The map has been compiled with the needs of the professional geologist in mind, but this map book may also be used simply as a handy atlas of Greenland in scale 1:2 500 000. More than 280 place names are indicated.
General information concerning the map is shown in three segments (2-4).. A schematic cartoon representation of the geological evolution of Greenland is shown in ssegment 2. The legend is presented in segment 3. Each geological unit is represented by a colour accompanies by a code number, to be found in both the legend and on the map. The divion of the map legend is based on a schematic chronological representation, from the oldest ca. 3850 million years old units to the recent Quaternary sedimentary rocks. Segment 4 shows the legend to the offshore areas and gives the information of the data sources.
The segments 5-13 show the various regions in Greenland, divided in such a way that the cuttings between the segments are causing least disturbance to the geology.

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