Yucatan Peninsula (Falset, Engelsk) af ITM Publications

Yucatan Peninsula (Falset, Engelsk)

Af: ITM Publications

Forlag: ITMB publishing

  • Format: Falset
  • Sprog: Engelsk Sprog: Engelsk
  • ISBN-13: 9781771299206
  • Udgave: 13. (25-09-2020)
  • Oplagsdato: 25-09-2020
  • Serie: International Travel Maps
  • Indbinding: Falset

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The peninsula of Mexico that juts eastward and upwards into the Caribbean is probably the most popular visitor destination in all of Latin America; it certainly is our best-selling map of any part of Mexico! Historically, it was the centre of the wonderful Mayan civilization, the remains of which are still easily visited in Mexican, Belician, and Guatemalan portions of the great Yucatan. Touristically, it is a magnet for sun-lovers, with the Cancun area in particular being a massive concentration of resort hotels The area south of Playa del Carmen and the nearby island of Cozumel are also touristic magnets. Yucatan is, however, a lovely place to explore. The city of Valladolid is an ancient Spanish town, replete with lovely churches and a town plaza to die for. Meridas cathedral is one of the most ornate in Mexico. Further south, Belize is easily accessible, with its preserved Mayan ruins, and there is a good road into Guatemala to explore the famous Tikal ruins. Our map actually shows 19 sets of ruins in Guatemala alone. Naturally, the focus of this map is on the Mexican portion of the peninsula, and no visit would be complete without exploring Chitzen Itza, or the coastal remains of Tulum. This is truly a marvelous map!

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