How to write a good research paper (Ebog, epub, Engelsk) af Peter Haisler

How to write a good research paper (Ebog, epub, Engelsk)

Af: Peter Haisler

Forlag: Samfundslitteratur

  • Type: Ebog
  • Format: epub
  • Sprog: Engelsk Sprog: Engelsk
  • ISBN-13: 9788759397787
  • Udgave: 1
  • Udgivelsesdato: 07-05-2010
  • Udgiver: Samfundslitteratur
  • Sideantal: 80 Sider
  • Filtype: epub
  • Filversion: 2.0
  • Filformat: Reflowable
  • Filstørrelse: 112 KB
  • Kopibeskyttelse: DigitalVandmaerkning
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This concise book gives tangible advice on how to write a good academic research paper. It is useful for those writing short essays, one-year projects, bachelor’s projects, or master’s theses.

The book offers:

- a quick overview of how to write an academic research paper - ways to organize the process of writing an academic research paper - an overview of the most common problems encountered when writing academic research papers - practical guidelines that can be used throughout the writing process and during the examination - an understanding of some of the different research methodologies - advice on how to obtain good grades on exams

On this site,, you can find a range of potential research topics appropriate for short and long research papers. You can also find several examples illustrating and further explaining the advice contained in this book, including examples of research questions, analyses, theories, introductions, methodology chapters, and more.

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